Reviews and Media

“…the buoyant crowd just can’t get enough”

Blue Curtains

“Wynter is a smart and well-versed performer with a likeability that can’t be taught… …Jenny Wynter is, quite simply, wonderful.”

Fringe Benefits

“…a blast from the past, and heaps of fun… …great voices and boundless energy…”

Stage Whispers

“…a musical delight for the senses… fabulous from start to finish…”

Bravo Brisbane

“…a score of 80s pop tunes as lyrically witty as they are melodic…”

Nothing Ever
Happens in Brisbane

“Jenny and Angie are the best friends everyone wishes they had grown up with great voices and boundless energy, and you will love spending an hour with them.”

Stage Whispers

“Jenny… …had the crowd crying in hysterics. Definitely an act that cannot be missed.”

Scenestr: Queensland Cabaret Festival Showcase 2017

“Jenny Wynter is pure joy. My face hurts.”

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