The Wynter of Our Disco Tent

Sisters by birth, BFFs by choice, Jenny and Angeline Wynter are doing it for themselves in this energetic 80s inspired musical comedy duo! With songs inspired by real-life teenage diary entries, they will leave you wanting to binge on cringe!

Jenny’s an award-winning comedian who’s been a regular at Woodford over the years. Her sister Angeline is a singer-song writer who has appeared also doing keys and backing vocals with Jen’s improvised cabaret Fully Made Up, and also as part of acapella 40’s inspired group Betty and the Betties.

The two of them have long wanted to form a musical comedy duo and this is it! The act is a high energy reflection on love and how our expectations of it change throughout our lifetime. It features¬† 80’s flavoured sets of songs inspired by the duo’s real-life diary entries, e.g. hits like “10 Months and One Day“, “Request a Song for Me on the Radio“, “I Can Almost Smell Your Deodorant“, “Crush With a Capital C” and “(I’m no Burster, But I’m) Bursting With Love“.

This is mixed in with a smattering of improvised songs based on audience sharing snippets of their own teenage romance dramas.